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The two areas that require most attention in any household are the kitchen and the toilet. In this post, we are going to discuss how to keep a bathroom completely clean. For those of you who live in seaside communities, mold is a particularly difficult problem. Bathroom cleaning Dubai Marina area is a particular challenge as the hot humid weather of the area is highly conducive to mold and mildew growth.

Mould and Mildew Growth

Ever walked into a washroom that smelled musty? There is sure to be mold or mildew there. Mold and mildew just love the hot humid conditions of a bath and shower area. In fact, they love any area that has moisture and is warm. So the areas around the shower, toilet bowl, and wash basin are most vulnerable to mildew and mold attack. Any area of a bathroom that is not cleaned properly and sanitized well can be prone to mold attack. One of the most common place to find mold in a bathroom is the shower curtains. Most people fail to pay proper attention to these and over a period of time, you can see black spots appear that continue to grow and thrive unless taken care of.

Another area is the grout between the tiles. If the grout is porous and not sealed properly, over time it will become a breeding ground for mold.

Once it has established itself in a place it is very difficult to control and eliminate mold. If left uncontrolled, it can soon spread to other areas of the house where ever it finds conducive growing conditions.

Proper Routine for Bathroom Cleaning Dubai Marina

One of the best ways to prevent mold growth in the bathrooms is to keep it moisture free. It may seem like a monumental task but it is not if done diligently and regularly.

After shower, make sure that you use a squeegee to wipe down all the surfaces so there is no moisture left on the walls and floor of the shower area. If there is some moisture still visible, use a mopping cloth to wipe it up. Seal the grouting properly.

Make sure to wipe down the shower curtain after a shower. Wash and sanitise the shower curtain regularly. Hang it out to dry in the sun. Sun is perhaps the best way to get rid of mold. If there is discoloration from mildew or mold, change the curtains. It is better to have new curtains than to use curtains that may be vulnerable to mold.

Wipe off water from around the washbasin area after washing. Use a bleach-based cleaner to clean the walls, floor, toilet bowl and the washbasin. Bleach discourages the growth of mildew.

Preventing Mold: Hire a Maid

The best way to prevent mold is to make sure that the bathroom is dry within a few minutes after using it. Ventilation is the best way to ensure that the area remains free of moisture. Use a proper extraction fan to ventilate the washroom.

Get a cleaning service to come and deal with the mold if it is already established.It makes sense to hire a maid in Dubai Marina area to come and clean up the house. Marine Connection is the best cleaning service working in the Dubai Marina, JLT and JBR area. They have expertise in dealing with the typical cleaning problems that crop up in these areas. You can contact them and hire a maid to deal with the cleaning of the toilets and the mold. Once they have dealt with it, you can continue to maintain a dry washroom and prevent mold.