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Cleaning Dubai Marina: Green Pest Repellents

cleaning dubai marina

Cinnamon is a good repellent for cockroaches and ants

How to Get Rid of House Pests Naturally

When cleaning Dubai Marina homes, people often come across pests. House pests are common throughout the world. Every country has its own set of pests and Dubai is no exception. Here too there are many different kinds of pests that sneak their way into our homes. Most of us would probably reach for the chemical laden insect repellents and pest deterrents to get rid of these unwanted visitors from our home. But if you are green conscious you will probably look for natural ways to fight these pests. Here are a few tips on how to get rid of pest with natural ingredients.

  1. White Vinegar: One of the most effective ways to get rid of ants from your home is to use white vinegar. Keep a spray bottle full of a mixture of white vinegar and water. Spray this copiously over the area where you see plenty of ants.
  2. Cinnamon Powder: sprinkle cinnamon powder in the area where you can see bugs crawling. The cinnamon will keep them out of your home.
  3. Herbs: Some herb, especially mint and basil as well as flowers like Marigold are very effective in keeping insects away. Plant these near doors and windows to keep the critters outside.
  4. Citrus: a lot of pests hate the smell of citrus fruits. Keep a bottle of lemon peel extract and spray it in areas where you can see spiders, mosquitoes, and flies. Lemons are also supposed to keep the fleas away. Rub some on your skin to prevent the fleas from sucking on you.
  5. Peppermint: The peppermint oil is a deterrent quite a few insects, the most common among them is the ant. Spritz some in areas where you see ants and watch them disappear.
  6. Coffee Grounds: They effectively eliminate the smell trails ant use to navigate. Sprinkle them around and see the ants get totally confused.
  7. Neem Oil: The oil from the neem leaves is a known mosquito repellent. Spray it around the house to get rid of mosquitoes.
  8. Boric Powder: Got a problem with cockroaches? Get rid of these pesky crawlers by making small balls of boric acid, sugar and a bit of water. Scatter them around the areas where you see the most cockroaches. The cockroach will feed on these and die.
  9. Turpentine: If you have an infestation of termites or white ants, then use copious amounts of turpentine to treat the area. The turpentine will kill off the termites and destroy the colony.
  10. Fox Urine Granules: Got a problem with rats and mice in your home or attic. Use fox urine granules to get rid of them non-violently. The granules are made of dehydrated fox urine and smell awful. It is a warning sign to the rats that its natural enemy is within the vicinity and the rats and mice quickly run away from the area.

There are many more natural remedies for common pests, we will explore a few more in our next blog post. Keep reading our blogs for more cleaning insights.

Moving In or Out Cleaning Dubai Marina

Ever walked into a home that you are thinking of renting and were disgusted by the filth left around by the last occupants. Whether you are the house owner or the prospective tenant, cleaning Dubai Marina home before moving in or out is a good idea.

Moving Out Cleaning Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a community of high-rise buildings consisting of apartments of various sizes. It is a fairly recent development where a lot of apartments are available for rent. People who come to live and work in Dubai are constantly moving and hence, renting a property in Dubai Marina is the first choice for most.

When moving out, a tenant should make sure that they leave the house clean for the next person who comes in. But often, we find that people do not do so. They move out of a house and leave it dirty and littered for the next person or the landlord to take care of their mess.

It doesn’t take much for a family that is moving out to leave a neat and clean space behind. Since there is not much left for cleaning Dubai Marina apartment, it will take a little time to leave a neat space behind.

Just pick up all the junk you do not want to take, all the mess from the packing, put it in garbage bags and dispose it off.

Then make sure that the kitchen, toilet, and all the rooms are swept and cleaned. Close all the doors and drawers in all the cupboards. Hoover the entire house and make sure that you do not leave any taps open or dripping. If the house came with furniture, make sure that it is clean and covered with dust sheets. You work is done and the house is clean and presentable for the next tenant.

cleaning Dubai Marina

Unpacking in the new home

Checkup and Cleaning Dubai Marina Before Renting

Before putting the house on the market for rent, a house owner should inspect the property. When people have lived in a place for a while, there are bound to be repairs and replacements to be made. Do not wait till the next tenant is ready to move in before tackling all this. Go over to the property and give it a once over.

Look over the whole apartment and note down the things that need attention. If the house is rented furnished, then check the furnishing. Anything that looks worse for wear, should be removed and replaced.

No one likes to rent an apartment which has worn out and broken appliances and furniture. To get top rent you need to keep the place in top shape.

Moving in Cleaning Dubai Marina

After a tenant has decided to rent a place, they should go over the apartment minutely, looking over and checking everything. This helps in determining whether everything is as claimed by the landlord. It also useful to prepare an inventory of things in the apartment.

It also helps to determine the state of the property. Any painting, repairs, etc. should be undertaken before moving in.

Even if an apartment appears clean, it makes sense to have it cleaned and sanitized before moving in.

Marine Connection is the best cleaning service in Dubai Marina, JLT and JBR. They undertake moving in/out cleaning. Whether you are moving in or leaving a property, give them a call. Do not waste your precious time in cleaning up a house that you are not occupying.

Vacation Cleaning Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina area is home to many expats who like to go home to their own countries for extended vacations. It is something everyone looks forward to but coming back home to an untidy, dirty or dusty home is no pleasure. So, cleaning Dubai Marina home before you go away on a vacation is a good idea. If you are planning to leave your home unattended for a longer period of time, no amount of cleaning before is going to ensure a clean house when you return. You may have to hire a cleaning service to come in and clean the house on a regular schedule. Marine Connections is the best and most reliable of all cleaning agencies in Dubai Marina, you can arrange a cleaning schedule with them to come in and clean your apartment while you are away. Schedule a cleaning for the day before or the day you are planning to return so that you come back to a clean house.

Preparing Your Home For Vacation

Before you leave your home for the vacation, you need to prepare it for your prolonged absence. Leaving things around and leaving an unclean house may result in infestation and unhygienic house on your return. Cleaning Dubai Marina home is essential because of the high humidity in the area. If you are not careful, you may return to a house that is covered in mold and mildew.

cleaning Dubai Marina

dust and cobwebs cover favourite collection

Things that Need Cleaning Dubai Marina Home

There are certain things that have to be cleaned before you leave. Leaving them around can result in more work upon return.

  • Remove all food and food particles and clean up the kitchen thoroughly. Use a sanitizer  to wipe down all the appliances and cooking stove in the kitchen.
  • Leave no food lying around. Any food item that you believe will not survive your return, give away or throw in the garbage. This would include all fruits, vegetable, open packets of snacks, biscuits, etc. Make sure all the food you leave behind is properly stored in airtight container.
  • Check that the refrigerator is working and does not have any food in it that is likely to go off during your absence. Clean the refrigerator before you leave.
  • Wash all the dishes, dry and store them away in cupboards. Clean the sink and wash it down with bleach to prevent any mold or mildew. Dry it thoroughly so there is no moisture.
  • Sweep, clean and vacuum the house and all the furniture. You may consider using dust sheets to cover the furniture. Remove all plants and real flowers.
  • Take the garbage out and clean and sanitize the garbage can.
  • Clean the toilets well and dry them properly. Use a bleach solution to wipe down all the surfaces including the tiles, toilet bowl, and washbasin to prevent mold. Put away all your personal belongings and toiletries.
  • Put the bath mats, towels and other such things in for a wash.
  • Strip the bed, vacuum the mattress and put a mattress protector over it. Air the pillows and cushions and store them in vacuum bags.
  • Put away all the valuables and jewellery.
  • Do the laundry and put it away before you leave.

If you think all this is too much to do before you leave, book Marine Connection online through to schedule a regular cleaning and have a restful vacation.


Bedroom Tidying and Cleaning Dubai Marina

Cleaning Dubai Marina bedrooms should be an essential part of any resident’s routine. Their bedroom is the most private and special space in the house for every individual. One only brings the very near and dear ones into the bedroom. Often, due to lack of time and also because it is the least visible area of the house, bedroom cleaning and tidying takes a backspace. Hence, often the bedroom becomes the most untidy and neglected part of the house.

What a Typical Bedroom Contains

A typical bedroom in an apartment would have the bed, of course, it might have a vanity if there is no separate dressing room. It might have one or two tables, maybe a chair to sit, a chest of drawers or a similar piece of furniture and the wardrobe or closet. It may have a TV too. The floor would definitely have a rug or two and may or may not be carpeted.

Generally, it is here, in this private space, that you have your most cherished personal items. The bric-a-brac that you love, the family photos, your children’s drawings or other such sentimental stuff that has immense emotional value to you and no one else. It also contains your clothes, jewellery and other accessories. All of these things in your bedroom require cleaning and tidying.

cleaning dubai marina

Neglected Bedroom


How Clutter Builds Up

When you are a working person, you may not have time for cleaning the bedroom as it takes the least priority. Slowly, the bed doesn’t get made, the clothes are not sorted and put back into the cupboards, the bric-a-brac are not dusted and more added, sentimental things increase in number and the bedroom gets cluttered and untidy. Then, it becomes a huge task to clean it up and the dealing with the clutter seems like a daunting chore. But, the bedroom needs to be cleaned and tidied too as this is where you sleep. Unhygienic bedroom can become a breeding ground for diseases. You should think about calling Marine Connection, the best cleaning service in Dubai Marina to hire a maid.

Getting Started With Bedroom Cleaning Dubai Marina

If you are a busy working person with little time for cleaning up, it may make sense to hire a maid. Some people are not very comfortable with the idea of a maid going into the bedroom to clean up. In that case, you can ask the maid to clean the rest of the house and leave the bedroom to you. So, this means that you have only one room to clean up and that won’t require much time once you have it organized.

When you begin cleaning, the first thing to do is to tidy up. Put all the things that are scattered around in their place. What needs to be discarded, put in a separate pile and get rid of it. Next, sweep the floor, mop it with warm water. Vacuum the rugs and put them back in place. Strip the bed of the bedclothes, put on new ones. Put the old ones in for laundry. Dust everything in the bedroom. Open the curtains and let in some daylight. Spray a room freshener and your bedroom is clean again.

Hiring a cleaning service in Dubai Marina is a good idea. Marine Connection is the best cleaning agency in Dubai Marina area. Hiring a maid through Marine Connection makes sense as it saves you a lot of time and work.

Let the maid handle your bed making and cleaning Dubai Marina while you enjoy the beach and the sea.

Bathroom Cleaning Dubai Marina

cleaning dubai marina

The two areas that require most attention in any household are the kitchen and the toilet. In this post, we are going to discuss how to keep a bathroom completely clean. For those of you who live in seaside communities, mold is a particularly difficult problem. Bathroom cleaning Dubai Marina area is a particular challenge as the hot humid weather of the area is highly conducive to mold and mildew growth.

Mould and Mildew Growth

Ever walked into a washroom that smelled musty? There is sure to be mold or mildew there. Mold and mildew just love the hot humid conditions of a bath and shower area. In fact, they love any area that has moisture and is warm. So the areas around the shower, toilet bowl, and wash basin are most vulnerable to mildew and mold attack. Any area of a bathroom that is not cleaned properly and sanitized well can be prone to mold attack. One of the most common place to find mold in a bathroom is the shower curtains. Most people fail to pay proper attention to these and over a period of time, you can see black spots appear that continue to grow and thrive unless taken care of.

Another area is the grout between the tiles. If the grout is porous and not sealed properly, over time it will become a breeding ground for mold.

Once it has established itself in a place it is very difficult to control and eliminate mold. If left uncontrolled, it can soon spread to other areas of the house where ever it finds conducive growing conditions.

Proper Routine for Bathroom Cleaning Dubai Marina

One of the best ways to prevent mold growth in the bathrooms is to keep it moisture free. It may seem like a monumental task but it is not if done diligently and regularly.

After shower, make sure that you use a squeegee to wipe down all the surfaces so there is no moisture left on the walls and floor of the shower area. If there is some moisture still visible, use a mopping cloth to wipe it up. Seal the grouting properly.

Make sure to wipe down the shower curtain after a shower. Wash and sanitise the shower curtain regularly. Hang it out to dry in the sun. Sun is perhaps the best way to get rid of mold. If there is discoloration from mildew or mold, change the curtains. It is better to have new curtains than to use curtains that may be vulnerable to mold.

Wipe off water from around the washbasin area after washing. Use a bleach-based cleaner to clean the walls, floor, toilet bowl and the washbasin. Bleach discourages the growth of mildew.

Preventing Mold: Hire a Maid

The best way to prevent mold is to make sure that the bathroom is dry within a few minutes after using it. Ventilation is the best way to ensure that the area remains free of moisture. Use a proper extraction fan to ventilate the washroom.

Get a cleaning service to come and deal with the mold if it is already established.It makes sense to hire a maid in Dubai Marina area to come and clean up the house. Marine Connection is the best cleaning service working in the Dubai Marina, JLT and JBR area. They have expertise in dealing with the typical cleaning problems that crop up in these areas. You can contact them and hire a maid to deal with the cleaning of the toilets and the mold. Once they have dealt with it, you can continue to maintain a dry washroom and prevent mold.



Cleaning Dubai Marina:Fungus

Living and Cleaning Dubai Marina

The sea and beaches have always attracted people. It may be our connection to water that pulls us towards it. In Dubai too,the most popular areas are the Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT). There are thousands of people living and working in the area and their numbers are increasing steadily. But along with the people come problems of living and cleaning Dubai Marina

Cons of Living Near The Sea

The proximity to the beach means that the people not only have beautiful views of the sea but also great beach areas within walking distance. But, this close distance to the sea comes with its drawbacks too. Dubai, as it is, is pretty hot and humid, the proximity to the sea increases the humidity factor making the JLT and JBR beachfront communities even more humid than the rest of Dubai.

The increased humidity can create problems of its own. One of the biggest challenges in these areas is dealing with mold and fungus. Look for Cleaning services in Dubai Marina area that can deal with the problem.

Fungus, Mold, Mildew and Health

cleaning Dubai Marina

Mold on the Wall and Carpet

By itself, in the open fungus and mold helps in bio-degradation, but when it is present indoors, it can cause serious health problems including respiratory diseases. The spores of the molds and fungus can spread all over the house and in the air causing severe allergic reactions to certain people. If left uncontrolled, the fungus could slowly destroy not just your health but also your possessions. It thrives on organic material and in humid, hot spaces. It can get onto your clothes, curtains, rugs, upholstery and food. Spoiling and destroying everything it comes in contact with. The problem needs to be dealt with decisively and quickly.

Professional Cleaning Services in Dubai Marina

Mold and fungus are not easy to deal with. It may start with the humid areas such as the shower and the kitchen but can quickly spread into other areas too. The best way to deal with any problem is to eliminate the cause. This means eliminating the spores, sanitizing the area, getting rid of dampness within the house and keeping the temperatures low enough to discourage the growth of fungus. But all this requires a lot of work and effort on the part of the homeowner. A better alternative is to find cleaning services in Dubai Marina to deal with the problem with natural products.

Before you hire a maid or cleaning service, find out the methods they use to deal with the problem. What you should be looking for is an agency engaged in providing cleaning Dubai Marina area with natural, non-toxic methods.  One of the most effective ways to eliminate mildew is to use hot water and vinegar. Baking soda and ethanol are other agents that kill mold and fungus.Marine Connection is the best and most experienced cleaning service in the Dubai Marina area. They are aware of the problems that plague the Dubai Marina homes and know how to deal with these. You may want to hire a maid through Marine Connection to deal with the mold problem in an eco friendly manner.

Once you have got rid of the fungus, remember to keep your house as dry and well ventilated as possible to prevent another mildew buildup.