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Moving In or Out Cleaning Dubai Marina

Ever walked into a home that you are thinking of renting and were disgusted by the filth left around by the last occupants. Whether you are the house owner or the prospective tenant, cleaning Dubai Marina home before moving in or out is a good idea.

Moving Out Cleaning Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a community of high-rise buildings consisting of apartments of various sizes. It is a fairly recent development where a lot of apartments are available for rent. People who come to live and work in Dubai are constantly moving and hence, renting a property in Dubai Marina is the first choice for most.

When moving out, a tenant should make sure that they leave the house clean for the next person who comes in. But often, we find that people do not do so. They move out of a house and leave it dirty and littered for the next person or the landlord to take care of their mess.

It doesn’t take much for a family that is moving out to leave a neat and clean space behind. Since there is not much left for cleaning Dubai Marina apartment, it will take a little time to leave a neat space behind.

Just pick up all the junk you do not want to take, all the mess from the packing, put it in garbage bags and dispose it off.

Then make sure that the kitchen, toilet, and all the rooms are swept and cleaned. Close all the doors and drawers in all the cupboards. Hoover the entire house and make sure that you do not leave any taps open or dripping. If the house came with furniture, make sure that it is clean and covered with dust sheets. You work is done and the house is clean and presentable for the next tenant.

cleaning Dubai Marina

Unpacking in the new home

Checkup and Cleaning Dubai Marina Before Renting

Before putting the house on the market for rent, a house owner should inspect the property. When people have lived in a place for a while, there are bound to be repairs and replacements to be made. Do not wait till the next tenant is ready to move in before tackling all this. Go over to the property and give it a once over.

Look over the whole apartment and note down the things that need attention. If the house is rented furnished, then check the furnishing. Anything that looks worse for wear, should be removed and replaced.

No one likes to rent an apartment which has worn out and broken appliances and furniture. To get top rent you need to keep the place in top shape.

Moving in Cleaning Dubai Marina

After a tenant has decided to rent a place, they should go over the apartment minutely, looking over and checking everything. This helps in determining whether everything is as claimed by the landlord. It also useful to prepare an inventory of things in the apartment.

It also helps to determine the state of the property. Any painting, repairs, etc. should be undertaken before moving in.

Even if an apartment appears clean, it makes sense to have it cleaned and sanitized before moving in.

Marine Connection is the best cleaning service in Dubai Marina, JLT and JBR. They undertake moving in/out cleaning. Whether you are moving in or leaving a property, give them a call. Do not waste your precious time in cleaning up a house that you are not occupying.